ARISTI – Venture Capital Investment & Business Advisory decided as a starting point, the exciting and beautiful Republic of Serbia. A country located in the Balkans filled with many opportunities, and a spot for many thrilling endeavors.

The idea for ARISTI started in 2016, was shaped in early 2017 and went life in 2018 to do something extraordinary. After a lot of thinking “outside the box” and even more field research the major activities formed a focus towards start-ups and SME.

The business world is changing and for many practical reasons the facts and data showes a beneficial outlook engaging working with this range of businesses instead of trying to land contracts with MNC which follow the big 5 consulting firms.

ARISTI generates and mediate channels for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) by attracting investors for the local commercial activities. The reinvest is mainly into promising start-ups or existing young technology companies with growth initiatives to nurture the win-win situations which is key for a healthy economical development of SME (small medium enterprises.)